Ft Lauderdale / Miami Corporate Housing

The South Florida area is an exciting mix of recreation and commerce. Many companies have located to these areas for obvious reasons. There’s great access to transportation of all types, a cultural mix that rivals any city and an environment that anyone would thrive in. Many businesses have their corporate office located in Ft Lauderdale and Miami.

If you are traveling and want sites to see, the beaches, wildlife preserves, city lights and national parks abound. If you are looking for good food, look no more. This area has the best seafood and a very diverse influence from many different cultures.  This is the place to try new things!

South Florida is a region of the U.S. state of Florida. As the name implies, it comprises the southernmost part of the state. It is one of Florida’s three most common “directional” regions, the others being Central Florida and North Florida. It includes the populous Miami metropolitan area, the Florida Keys, and other localities. South Florida is the only part of the continental United States with a tropical climate.

The locations below are a representation and not limited to the offerings of TP Corporate Lodging.