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Whether you’re a health services provider on assignment, a patient receiving treatment, or a family staying near a sick loved one, you can trust TP Corporate Lodging to help you find comfortable short-term medical housing options in Atlanta.

For less than the cost of a hotel, you can temporarily reside in a full-size apartment with everything you need for comfort and rest.

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Importance of Quality Medical Housing

For patients and families struggling with a severe illness or chronic medical condition, it’s always been critical to have housing accommodations near the health care facility, so loved ones can remain nearby. In recent months, however, with the coronavirus health crisis, the need for comfortable medical accommodations has become greater than ever.

In Atlanta, temporary housing is particularly helpful for:

  • Doctors, nurses and other medical providers called into the city to help with increased patient loads due to COVID-19;
  • Scientists, researchers, and other workers on assignment with the Centers for Disease Control offices in Atlanta;
  • Families of patients with serious illnesses who need a place to stay while their loved one receives treatment; and
  • Patients who do not need to be hospitalized but require temporary medical housing accommodations while they are in town to receive treatment.

Characteristics of Good Medical Accommodations

Hotels and Airbnb host homes can sometimes provide temporary lodging in an acute medical crisis, but these aren’t always cost-effective options for long-term stays, nor do they always provide the comfort and convenience needed.

Let’s look at some of the qualities of good medical housing:

  • Convenient location near the place of treatment. You should be able to get to the hospital, treatment center, or healthcare provider in minutes.
  • Access to amenities. Medical housing should offer access to amenities like fitness facilities, business services, etc. They should also be convenient to nearby grocery shopping and dining options.
  • Fully-furnished apartment versus a hotel room. If you’re staying for longer than a week, you need the comfort of a full living space that feels more like home (e.g., functional kitchen, ample seating, living area, bedrooms).
  • ADA-Compliant. If a patient plans to stay there full- or part-time, the unit should comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act to accommodate any functional limitations.
  • Pet Friendly. If a patient requires a service animal or emotional support animal, the housing option should allow pets. (It’s also helpful if you need to bring the family dog along for an extended stay.)

Medical Housing Needs in Atlanta

The demand for medical housing accommodations is significant in Atlanta, Georgia. That comes as no surprise given the city’s status as one of the largest hubs in the Southeast for both healthcare and medical research. TP Corporate Lodging can honor requests for medical accommodations near the following major health-related destinations:

At TP Corporate Lodging, our staff is compassionate and understanding that it is imperative to rest comfortably while you or your loved one receives treatment. That’s why we go beyond the idea of “reasonable accommodation” to make you feel your short-term medical housing is truly a home away from home. Our fully-furnished apartments feature washers and dryers, full-sized kitchens, housewares, tasteful décor, and luxury amenities. We have locations conveniently close to all the major healthcare destinations of Atlanta.

Ask us how we can help you or your patient find the perfect apartment home near your treatment center or hospital today. To learn more about availability and locations, request a quote today.