How to Find Temporary Housing

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When traveling or relocating to a new city, one can almost always find numerous options for short-term stays or long-term leases — but finding temporary housing can be a challenge at times. And yet, there are many situations in which people need a place for longer than a few days or weeks, but not long enough to warrant signing an unfurnished lease. As a result, they often end up jockeying between hotels and Airbnb rentals for weeks or months, often at great expense.

The truth is that there are numerous temporary housing options out there — if you know where to look for them. There are ways to find comfortable, furnished lodging for as long as you need — without necessarily breaking the bank. The following guide will provide an overview of temporary housing options ideal for extended stays, explain where to look for them, and provide additional tips to help you select the ideal housing choice for your needs.

Reasons Why People Need Temporary Housing

Why would someone need to come into a city for several weeks or months at a time? It turns out there are plenty of situations that call for extended stays. Let’s look at a few of the most common.

Long-Term Hospital Visits

When someone is ill and needs long-term treatment that their typical healthcare provider can’t offer, they may need to travel to a healthcare facility that offers the care they need. If the facility offers treatment on an outpatient basis, that patient will need a comfortable place to stay for the duration of the treatment. Likewise, family members may need to stay in town to offer support and look after their loved ones.

Extended Business Trips

More and more companies these days are sending employees and team members to various locations for long-term assignments. You may be sent out of town, for example, to lend your expertise on a complicated project, to facilitate opening a new branch location, or to scope out new clients. An increasing number of business trips nowadays call for stays of several weeks or even several months.


People move to a new city for many reasons, whether it’s a job transfer, to take a new job, new military orders, or just for a change. Sometimes, people must relocate before finding permanent housing or before a permanent place becomes available. At other times, an incoming family may need to wait for a new house to be built. In cases like these, temporary housing provides comfortable accommodations until permanent housing becomes available.

Film and TV Shoots

Location filming has become quite prevalent in recent years, especially in growing film and TV hotspots like Atlanta. These shoots often last for weeks and months on end, and the cast and crew need comfortable places to stay in the meantime. Temporary housing can often rescue a filming budget from tens of thousands of dollars in hotel bills.

Home Renovations and Repairs

Occasionally, natural disasters can make a home unlivable, or home renovations are so extensive that the family may need to vacate while construction takes place. Extended-stay housing can offer shelter for months at a time while these repairs or renovations are completed.

Options for Short-Term/Temporary Housing

Now that we’ve explored some of the reasons why people seek out temporary housing, let’s take a closer look at what housing options are typically available in a city and how/where to look for them.

Extended Stay Hotels

For expected stays of several weeks or more, one of the first places people tend to look is extended stay hotels in the area. You can usually find these hotels in almost any commercial cluster in a city, especially near major highways, thoroughfares, and airports. Extended stay hotels usually offer suite-like accommodations at discounted weekly or even monthly rates, and some even configure their suites like small apartment units to make guests more comfortable. While extended stay hotels provide a more affordable solution than conventional hotels, the costs can still add up over time. In addition, even extended-stay suites can feel cramped and claustrophobic after several weeks.

Vacation Rentals (e.g., Airbnb, Vrbo)

Another option to look at for temporary housing is to check out vacation rentals, which can be found in abundance on sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. These rentals can be found in almost any city or town these days, but you’ll find the greatest selection of tourist destinations. Some of these rentals will offer discounted rates for extended stays, and they range in size from a single room to a fully furnished house. The downside to this approach is that most of these rentals are managed by individual owners. While platforms like Airbnb do try to monitor for consistency in honesty and quality, the system is not foolproof, and people do have bad experiences from time to time. Additionally, the discounts are generally not deep enough to keep costs from accumulating over time.


Another temporary housing option, one that works well for some people, is the option of sublets. Quite often, people may need to leave their home for months or years at a time, so they will sublet their home as temporary housing, usually at a rate comparable to what they’re actually paying in rent. Finding a good sublet can be challenging because they aren’t broadly advertised. Most people find sublets through online classifieds like Craigslist, word of mouth, or perhaps via social media. The other challenge with subletting is that it’s a largely unregulated market, so it’s easier to get conned.

Corporate Housing/Short-Term Rentals

The fourth option for temporary housing is to seek corporate lodging in the area, typically through a third-party corporate housing agency like TP Corporate Lodging. Corporate housing companies specialize in setting up and renting fully furnished apartment housing for several weeks or months at a time. The rates are significantly more affordable than extended stay hotels or vacation rentals. This can be an excellent solution for corporate travelers and people needing extended stay lodging for any of the reasons mentioned above.

Tips for Finding the Best Temporary Housing

Once you have decided on the best option for finding short-term housing in your area, here are some additional tips and considerations for narrowing the search down to the best choice for you.

  • Pet-friendly options. If you need to bring your pet with you on your extended stay, look for housing options that accommodate pets — preferably at minimal or no additional cost.
  • Proximity to work. If your stay is business-related, look for lodging close to the workplace, or choose an agency that can find a place close to your workplace. The same holds if you’re in town for medical reasons — find a place close to the hospital.
  • Job housing benefits (e.g., per diem). If your company is paying for your housing, or if you’re being issued a federal per diem for housing, look for lodging that fits that budget or an agency that will work within your per diem budget.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation. This issue has become more critical with the coronavirus pandemic. Before taking any housing solution, ask about what steps they are taking to clean and sanitize so you can be safe.

If you are looking for affordable, comfortable temporary housing in Atlanta, GA or Jacksonville, FL, TP Corporate Lodging offers a selection of fully furnished apartments with complete amenities in some of the most convenient neighborhoods in town. Give us a call at 800.428.9997 for current availability.