Why Corporate Lodging Is Ideal for Traveling Pet Owners

When your business sends you to a different city for an extended period of time, what do you do about your pets? Pet resorts or boarding facilities aren’t feasible for the long term, and even pet-friendly hotels don’t offer enough amenities for you or your pet to be entirely comfortable. However, traveling pet owners are finding temporary corporate lodging to be an ideal alternative when they must go out of town for extended work trips.

The Challenges of Long-Term Pet Care

When you have to be away for weeks or months at a time, taking care of your pet can be a real challenge, especially financially. Hiring a dog-sitter or taking your cat to a pet resort can be fine for short-term trips, but the costs can add up rapidly. (Not to mention Bandit or Mr. Whiskers would miss you terribly, and sometimes separation anxiety can cause pets to act up or even get sick.)


Another alternative for some is to take their pet(s) with them when they travel for long periods. However, this presents another problem because not every hotel is pet-friendly, and those that are might not have the comfort or cleanliness you’d like. (After all, lots of pets have been in that room before you and Bandit.) There’s also the issue of cramped quarters. Leaving your dog in a small hotel room all day can lead to every issue from destructive chewing to potty messes to incessant barking, which elicits complaints to the hotel management. If that behavior continues for long, you’ll be looking for another place to stay.

A Better Solution: Temporary Corporate Housing

For many traveling pet owners, an excellent solution is to rent pet-friendly temporary corporate housing. These one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments come fully furnished, provide more space for you and your pet to stretch out, and feel a lot more like home overall. This enables your pet to have a better sense of calm while you’re at work, and more peace of mind for you when you’re away. Additionally, pet-friendly corporate facilities often offer additional amenities like walking space and green space, making it easy to take the dog out when she needs to go. This option does away with the expense of separate pet sitting or pet lodging without leaving either of you feeling claustrophobic.


TP Corporate Lodging understands the dilemma pet owners face, which is why we offer a broad selection of apartments that are fully furnished and pet-friendly. For a small pet fee, you can bring your pet with you to a comfortable 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartment with plenty of walking space nearby. To learn more about rules and availability for our pet-friendly corporate lodging, call us today at 800-428-9997.