Welcome Billy Cochran, TP Corporate Lodging, to the CHPA Board of Directors

Billy CochranEach year, CHPA profiles the newest members to join the Board of Directors in order to highlight their path to leadership and help members get to know them a little better. Read more about Billy Cochran of TP Corporate Lodging below. You can also contact him at the information below. In addition to now serving on the CHPA Board of Directors, Billy has dedicated many hours to several CHPA committees and task forces. He was also awarded the Individual of the Year Tower of Excellence Award in 2011.

Billy Cochran
Director of Operations
TP Corporate Lodging, Inc
678-442-9700  |  billy@tpcorporatelodging.com

What was your line of employment before corporate housing? What brought you to corporate housing?

I managed a veterinary clinic for 12 years prior to this and did Child Protective Services for 8 year prior to that. I was looking for a career and location change and Tim Miller, the owner of TP Corporate Lodging, was a friend of mine.  He needed someone and it was in the area I was moving to. A perfect “storm”.  Now I have a boss and best friend who are one in the same.

How many years have you been involved in corporate housing?

As of August 1, 13 years.

Is there any aspect of the industry that you would like to change?

Just getting companies more comfortable to discuss their problems and successes openly so that others can learn from their experiences.

When did you become involved in CHPA? Why?

My first CHPA conference I saw people connecting over networking and learning. I wanted to learn more so I thought volunteering would be the best way to do that. I was so intimidated by the knowledge in the room at my first conference and how much of the conversation I didn’t understand. It’s great now to meet new folks and share my experience so they know that there really isn’t a dumb question. I didn’t get half the acronyms and some of the subjects in the beginning. Volunteering has increased my personal knowledge and my opportunities to network as well, not to mention the feeling of accomplishment when you played a part in something that is accomplished.

What made you want to get involved in CHPA leadership?

I was told by two colleagues in the industry that I had something to contribute to the leadership. They made me think seriously about it. I see many of the leaders in CHPA as extremely intelligent and knowledgeable individuals that I want to learn from.  I finally started to believe that I had something more to give.

How has CHPA membership been an asset to your company? To you?

To the company, it has opened doors to meeting people and companies that I may never have heard of otherwise. The partnering of units and experiences has been invaluable. To me, it has given me something in the way of knowledge that is better than going to school. I’ve learned from other CHPA members firsthand about things that pertain to our business and my job that you can’t put a price on. On a completely personal level, the friendships I’ve made mean a lot to me as well.