Film Industry Raises Atlanta’s Demand for Short-Term Production Housing

The film industry’s growing interest in Atlanta as a hub for production has had a profound effect on the local economy in recent years — including raising Atlanta’s demand for short-term production housing.

A recent study from Film L.A. revealed that Georgia was the number-one location for feature films in 2016, outpacing even Hollywood. (California as a state came in fourth.) As the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports, Atlanta’s fiscal year 2017 saw a fiscal impact of $9.7 billion from film and TV production. Of that amount, direct spending accounted for $2.7 billion — a nearly four-fold increase in production spending compared to fiscal year 2007.

Why is Georgia’s film sector growing?

Aside from factors like mild weather and a diverse number of urban and rural backdrops, one of the biggest driving factors in this trend is the passing of generous incentives and other support legislation. The Georgia legislature and Governor Nathan Deal have expressed a strong commitment to make Georgia a production-friendly state, and the payoff is quite evident. Atlanta Business Chronicle quotes EUE/Screen Gems Studios Executive Vice President Kris Bagwell:

“Georgia is the new leader in TV and film production on the East Coast. There are jobs in the production business in almost every occupation, from cook to security guard to driver to construction. This job creates tens of thousands of well paying Georgia jobs. And it’s here to stay thanks to the pro-jobs agenda of Gov. Deal.”

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The need for Atlanta production housing

One area that is seeing a direct impact in this increased production activity is the short-term housing market. Here are some of the reasons why the demand for short-term production housing is on the rise:

An increase in project-based production personnel.

While Atlanta’s permanent film production employee sector is indeed growing, thousands of other industry workers come into Atlanta for specific film and television projects every year, sometime staying on for months at a time.

Production staff in transition.

Given the increase in available work, many film professionals are coming to Atlanta to live and work full-time. Some of these employees work at one or more of Atlanta’s growing number of soundstage complexes like Atlanta Metro Studios, Tyler Perry Studios or EUE/Screen Gems Studios. Some are hired on for specific TV series productions (e.g., Stranger Things or The Walking Dead). Many times, these people are called in last-minute and must often relocate quickly, leaving little time to figure out a permanent situation. Thus, many of these workers seek short-term production housing in the interim.

Limited budgets.

Despite all the money seemingly flowing in from major film and TV studios, many indie projects still come to Georgia to shoot. These projects may hire industry professionals, but they don’t always have the budget to house them in expensive hotels. For these film productions, short-term corporate housing provides an excellent and cost-effective alternative.

The benefits of living at home.

Some transitional industry pros choose short-term housing simply because it makes them feel more at home than in a hotel. A fully furnished luxury apartment may offer a full range of amenities, including fitness facilities, security, close proximity to restaurants, etc. These apartments also offer fully equipped kitchens and well-appointed living spaces, so they can come back at the end of a long shoot and relax, just like they would at home.

As Atlanta continues to gain prominence as a major player in the film industry, we can expect the need for short-term production housing only to continue growing for the foreseeable future.

If you are a film professional coming into Atlanta for an extended stay, you have other options besides an expensive hotel with no place to spread out and relax. As an alternative, consider renting a fully-furnished corporate apartment while you’re in town, offering a full array of benefits at a fraction of the cost. To see what we have available for your needs, give TP Corporate Lodging a call at 800.428.9997.

U.S. and Allied Militaries Turn to TP Corporate Lodging During Training

U.S. sailors in Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida.

When men and women in the military service are in the midst of physically demanding training or a high-pressure assignment, dealing with the stress and details of a temporary move should be the last thing on their mind. And because military personnel and other government employees face certain rules and regulations regarding their accommodations, it’s important to choose a trustworthy housing partner that knows the ins and outs of these requirements. That’s where TP Corporate Lodging comes in.

Our expert housing team is proud to support the U.S. and Allied military forces with top-notch temporary housing for personnel who are undergoing training in Jacksonville, Florida.

As a major deep-water port, the city of Jacksonville contains multiple military facilities and bases. For military personnel that need to be located close to one of these facilities, TP Corporate Lodging offers many options that are just minutes away. Read about just a few of the premier Jacksonville housing complexes with which we partner. Best of all, every single one of our housing units is fully furnished and customized to meet the unique needs of governmental and military clients.

Why settle for a hotel room when you can have a home?

TP Corporate Lodging doesn’t only serve U.S. and Allied military personnel — our team also provides solutions for businesses and individuals looking for comfortable furnished corporate housing options in both Jacksonville and Atlanta.

Why is corporate lodging a better choice for business travelers than traditional hotels or an Airbnb? In addition to being an overall more affordable choice, the home-like feel of corporate housing will make tenants happier and more productive. Happy employees mean happy companies!

To learn more about our corporate lodging options for U.S. and Allied military personnel, don’t hesitate to reach out to TP Corporate Lodging by calling 800.428.9997.

10 Questions to Ask When Renting a Furnished Apartment

Renting furnished apartmentWhen you travel for an extended stay, whether for business or pleasure, renting a corporate furnished apartment can be more convenient and far less expensive than booking an extended stay hotel. However, every landlord is different and every corporate housing company is different, and you may have to ask a few questions to make sure the lodging will meet your needs. Here are 10 important questions to ask when you rent a furnished apartment.

1. Is furniture included in the rent?

Just because the ad says it’s “furnished,” that doesn’t mean the quoted rent includes the furnishings. Some companies “bait” their customers by leading with the price of an unfurnished apartment, then including the furnishings as add-on expenses. You can get past this tactic by making this your very first question. You need a furnished place, so find out what it costs with the furniture in it.

2. What furniture is included?

The word “furnished” is not a universal term. To some agencies, “furnished” means a table and chairs, bed, lamps, TV, couch and not much else. Other companies create a fully furnished apartment experience with all necessities included, even down to the decorations. Make sure the advertised price includes at least enough furnishings to make your place comfortable, pleasant and usable. Corporate Housing providers often have the ability to change out bed types to fit your need.

3. Are accessories included as part of the furnishings?

For a truly comfortable living experience, you need more than a place to sit and a place to sleep. You need plates, cooking utensils, silverware, a mop, a vacuum cleaner, bath towels, etc. If the agency doesn’t make clear that these and other accessories are included, ask. Otherwise, you may be making a run to the store to get these things yourself.

4. May I have a list of included furnishings and accessories?

Even when a company provides full furnishings and accessories, there may be still something you need that isn’t included. You’re asking this question for two reasons: a) to find out if there’s anything else you need to bring with you; and b) as an inventory so you can make sure you don’t inadvertently take something with you when you leave.

5. Is there an extra security deposit for furniture?

Again, some companies separate their rent charges and their furnishing charges; same with the security deposit. Find out the true number so there are no surprises.

6. What utilities are already included?

Most furnished apartments include utilities like phone, cable and wifi as part of the rental cost; others do not. Find out from the agency or landlord which utilities come with the apartment and which ones (if any) you’ll have to set up for yourself. Also find out what level of cable is included and if the Internet speed matches your need.

7. Is there an additional charge for utilities?

This might sound like a repetitive question for number 6, but the fact that the utilities exist in the apartment doesn’t mean they are included in the rent! Make sure before you pick up the phone that they’re not charging you for phone calls, for example.

8. Can I choose furnishings?

Most furnished apartments come pre-furnished, like a hotel suite, where what you see is what you get. In other cases, you will be given a choice of furnishings. In still other cases, the agency may be able to get you a piece of furniture you need that isn’t already included. Ask how the company handles these details.

9. Will there be pickup/delivery of furniture, and how does that work?

If your apartment is strictly pre-furnished, this question is a non-issue. If, however, you’re choosing furnishings and/or mixing and matching, it’s important to know if drivers will install and assemble pieces, or if you’ll have to do some assembly yourself.

10. Any other costs I should know about?

You’d be surprised at how many hidden fees some companies hide in their agreements. Don’t be surprised. Ask up front for all costs to be disclosed before you sign.

If you’re looking for a high quality, comfortable furnished apartment in Atlanta, Georgia or Jacksonville, Florida, TP Corporate Lodging works with some of the finest apartment communities in both cities to provide fully furnished 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments for business travelers and extended stay guests. And furnished apartments are all we do, so you know it’s included in the price! To learn more and have all your questions answered, please give us a call today at 800.428.9997.

How to Prepare for an Extended Business Trip

duffel bag on an extended business tripPlanning to be away on an extended business trip for several weeks or longer? If so, it’s important to plan ahead so you don’t end up missing something you need or blowing your budget due to unexpected expenses. Here are some common sense tips in preparing for an extended business trip.

Pack for a range of temperatures

If you’re staying for longer than two weeks, chances are you’re going to experience a change of temperatures. Most extended weather forecasts don’t go beyond two weeks, and beyond a few days such forecasts are unreliable since they are constantly being updated and changed. You want to have a variety of clothes available in case the temperature turns warmer or colder than you expected. This is especially true in the fall and spring months.

Bring clothes to last

It’s a fine line between overpacking and not packing enough, but if you’re staying on awhile, the last thing you want is to be doing laundry every few days. You’ll be much happier if you pack enough clothes to last at least a week at a time, and more if your luggage restrictions allow for it.

Track your expenses

Travel times can be chaotic, and it’s easy to lose track of expenditures that could be written off as business expenses. There are plenty of expense tracking apps available for smartphones, ranging from the simple to the elaborate. Find one that serves your purposes, and get in the habit of logging in every expense.

Consider a Furnished Corporate Apartment instead of a Hotel or an Airbnb

If you’re staying on for business for more than 7-14 days, hotels can get quite expensive, not to mention uncomfortable (including so-called “extended stay” hotels). Likewise, online marketplaces like Airbnb can yield unpredictable results. To avoid the exorbitant expenses of one and the potential nightmare of the other, consider renting a fully furnished corporate apartment. This way, you can stay in a place that feels more like home than a hotel, complete with all the conveniences of a luxury apartment community. Cook your own food, sleep in the same bed every night, enjoy apartment amenities like a fitness center or pool, and even bring your dog. You’ll spend less, and you’ll enjoy your stay more.

TP Corporate Lodging provides comfortable, fully-furnished corporate apartments for extended stays in Atlanta and Jacksonville. We work with some of the finest apartment communities in both locations to make sure our guests have all they need for their home away from home. To check availability for your next extended business trip, give us a call at 800.428.9997.

Why Metro Atlanta relocation experts recommend corporate housing

Atlanta skylineThe TP Corporate Lodging team is thrilled to be featured in KNOWAtlanta, the premier Atlanta relocation guide for corporate executives, families, and individuals making a move to the area.

In the article, “When Hotel and Short-Term Rental Options Abound, Why Choose Corporate Housing?” Tim Miller, president and owner of TP Corporate Lodging, walks through just a few of the benefits of choosing a corporate housing provider over traditional hotel accommodations:

With the rise in popularity of short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and the range of extended-stay hotel options in a city as big as Atlanta, choosing a corporate housing provider may not be on the top of your list when considering your temporary housing options. But while you may be able to score a deal through a private rental provider, there can be drawbacks to not working with an accredited and certified housing provider. And while extended-stay accommodations may fit all your needs in the short term, the prices can quickly skyrocket.

How much do those prices skyrocket, you ask? Take a look at our cost comparison charts to see just how much money your or your corporate sponsor could save by choosing TP Corporate Lodging.

Why settle for a hotel room, when you can have a home?

Furnished temporary housing is convenient not only for relocation, but also for extended project work, medical visits, and insurance-covered displacement.

When you’re ready to start your search for furnished temporary housing in Atlanta or Jacksonville, TP Corporate Lodging can assist you in finding the perfect 1, 2 or 3-bedroom furnished apartment for your unique needs. To learn more about how we can help, call us at 800-428-9997.

Welcome Billy Cochran, TP Corporate Lodging, to the CHPA Board of Directors

Billy CochranEach year, CHPA profiles the newest members to join the Board of Directors in order to highlight their path to leadership and help members get to know them a little better. Read more about Billy Cochran of TP Corporate Lodging below. You can also contact him at the information below. In addition to now serving on the CHPA Board of Directors, Billy has dedicated many hours to several CHPA committees and task forces. He was also awarded the Individual of the Year Tower of Excellence Award in 2011.

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TP Corporate Lodging announces expansion into Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Markets

Atlanta, GA November 2013 — TP Corporate Lodging, provider of short-term corporate housing in the Atlanta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida areas, has expanded into the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area.

As one of the largest providers of corporate housing in Atlanta and Jacksonville, TP Corporate Lodging sees this move both as a strategic step for the business and a way to better service its current clients while also expanding its customer base into South Florida.

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