5 Tips for Coordinating Extended Business Travel

No matter how you slice it, planning a long business trip can be challenging. If you’re coordinating extended business travel for yourself, one of your employees, or an entire company, there are plenty of logistics to think about, including lodging, costs, safety concerns, health, etc. To make the task easier on you, here are 5 helpful tips for planning an extended business trip for yourself or your staff.

Make Travel Plans as Early as Possible

Sometimes, last-minute trips are unavoidable —but the sooner you can make travel arrangements for an upcoming trip, the better. You’re more likely to get better rates on airfare and lodging by booking early, and you may also be able to redeem travel rewards to save even more.

Pack Accordingly

Determining how to pack for an extended stay can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a business trip, largely because there’s a fine line between under-packing and over-packing. Using luggage with extra compartments can help conserve space, as can rolling clothes instead of folding them. Your packing should include the following basics:

  • Your work materials
  • Electronics and chargers (e.g., laptops, tablets, phones)
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes for a range of temperatures
  • Casual clothing along with business attire (you won’t be in meetings the entire time, after all)

Allow for Down Time in Your Schedule

Longer trips require a bit of pacing to keep yourself or your employees healthy and to prevent exhaustion. Try not to “hit the ground running”; instead, allow a day of downtime between travel days and work days to take a breath and regroup. While on the trip, be careful to allow enough space between appointments, and if the trip lasts more than a week, be sure to schedule days off.

Track Expenses

If things get hectic during a business trip, it can be easy to lose track of expenses. Try to adopt some sort of system to help you and your team keep track — not only to stay on budget, but to make sure you’re able to claim eligible deductions later.

Work with a Corporate Lodging Provider

For extended stays, short-term corporate housing is a safer, more affordable alternative to expensive hotels — plus working with a corporate lodging provider makes the entire process of coordinating extended business travel much easier because the lodging details are handled by a professional.

If you’re trying to coordinate a business trip to Atlanta or Jacksonville, TP Corporate Lodging can arrange for you and your team to stay in fully-furnished, comfortable apartments for less than the cost of a hotel. Give us a call at 800.428.9997 to learn more.