Why Companies Benefit from Partnering with Corporate Housing Agencies

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As a busy, thriving company, you’ve got a slew of projects happening in various locations across the country. At any given time, you need to send key team members (or perhaps a whole team) to another location to work on a particular project. The expenses involved with moving and housing these employees can be staggering if you house them in hotels, let alone the logistics of food, rental cars, etc. This is just one scenario in which companies like yours can benefit from partnering with housing agencies that specialize in short-term rentals & temporary housing. It’s a great alternative that simplifies the process of temporary or permanent employee relocation, cutting your costs significantly in the process, while providing a wide range of housing options.

Advantages of working with a Corporate Housing Provider

Corporate housing agencies can make your employee transitions much less stressful, and more productive in a number of ways. Here are just a few of the advantages of partnering with an agency to handle this part of your business:

  1. Turnkey solutions

Once your employee housing needs have been established, the agency can handle the details of providing fully-furnished apartments for your team members. No need to spend valuable man-hours scouring the internet looking for corporate apartments or needing to make reservations at multiple hotels with limited vacancies. With one point of contact, you can book accommodations for as many employees as you need. The agency handles it from there.

  1. Better living/working conditions for your team

Extended hotel stays have a tendency of increasing stress, lowering morale and reducing overall productivity. By housing your employees in corporate apartments, you create a “home away from home” environment for them with more comfortable accommodations that allow them to decompress more easily when they are off the clock. In this way, you’re adding value to your team, improving their benefits and enhancing their incentive to do a good job. It’s a win-win situation for all.

  1. Flexibility in planning

Furnished corporate apartments can be reserved for a little as 14 days, or as long as several months, depending on whether the need arises for an extended stay. Staying in a fully furnished apartment allows your employees to remain focused for longer spans of time, if necessary. With business travelers often needing to extend their stay at short notice, having a housing solution that takes this into account reduces the stress of needing to find new accommodation at short notice.

Companies that can benefit from corporate housing partnerships

A partnership with a corporate housing company can be beneficial for organizations in multiple industries. Here are a few examples:

  • Project-based companies across the United States (for example, construction companies, film production companies)
  • Government employees and contractors
  • Insurance companies (corporate housing can be an excellent solution for insurance companies who need temporary shelters for displaced clients
  • Companies in the process of expansion
  • Any other application that requires the temporary relocation of multiple employees

If your company does business in Atlanta or Jacksonville and you need accommodations for employees in these areas, you might greatly benefit from partnering with a local corporate housing agency. To learn more about how we can help, call TP Corporate Lodging today at 800-428-9997.