5 Questions to Ask Before Moving into Corporate Lodging

If your business or company sends you to another city for an extended stay, temporary corporate housing provides an excellent alternative to expensive and constraining hotel stays. Corporate lodging typically provides a fully furnished apartment rather than a single room or suite, with a fully equipped kitchen and other extras. However, these lodgings naturally work a bit differently than hotels or shared housing platforms like Airbnb. To help you find your bearings and know what to expect, here are 5 important questions to ask before moving into any corporate apartment.

1. What amenities and benefits are included in the price?

With temporary corporate housing, you’re moving into an actual apartment or residence, not a hotel room. As a result, you may be trading some advantages for a few luxury amenities provided by hotels that you probably won’t use, anyway. That said, every housing agency operates a little differently, so don’t assume a certain amenity is included — always ask for a list. If the unit is in an established apartment complex, chances are you’ll be able to access most of the amenities that complex provides (for example, a fitness center, pool or community area), but check with your management company first. If you need something that isn’t included, your agency may be able to arrange it for you.

2. Who pays for utilities?

If you’re going to be staying on a while, especially, make sure you have this information up front. Some corporate rental agencies include the cost of utilities in the cost of the rent, but some may not. Best to know up front to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

3. Is housekeeping included?

Again, you’re staying in an apartment, not an actual hotel with housekeepers. In many cases, housekeeping service is a benefit that is traded off in exchange for a larger, more comfortable living space, as well as to keep your costs down. If housekeeping is not included in the price and you need that service, ask your corporate lodging agent if housekeeping can be arranged.

4. Is the unit pet-friendly?

This is a very important question to ask if you’re bringing a dog or cat with you. Some units are pet-friendly, but if you bring a pet into a unit that is not, and that pet causes damage, you may be responsible for extra expenses. Ask in advance; a good agency can usually accommodate this need with pet-friendly lodging.

5. Whom do I call with a problem or maintenance issue?

Let’s face it — things happen. A toilet backs up, a dishwasher breaks. Since you’re effectively renting from a housing company rather than the apartment manager, you need to know up front who to call if something goes wrong. Sometimes the agency will have you contact the residential management office; other times they’ll ask you to call them directly. Make sure you know who to call to get your problem resolved — and make sure you’re also provided with an after-hours phone number for emergencies.

At TP Corporate Lodging, we go the extra mile to make sure your home-away-from-home meets all your needs, and we make sure you know what’s included and who to call if you run into trouble. To learn more about our available corporate housing in Atlanta and Jacksonville, call us today at 800.428.9997.