Short-Term Furnished Housing for Atlanta Renovations

Atlanta is a city full of life and texture, including many new and historic homes. Sometimes a renovation or remodeling project can make your home unlivable or highly inconvenient for extended lengths of time. At other times, if you’re building a home, the construction timeline may be delayed due to weather, supply shortages or any of a number of other factors. These temporary inconveniences will be worth it in the end, but what do you do when your living situation is in transition? Let’s explore a few options for short-term furnished housing for Atlanta renovations.

Why Hotels Aren’t Always the Best Idea

By default, many families choose to book rooms in a nearby hotel while their home is going through renovations. Some hotels are indeed geared for extended stays, offering larger suites, kitchenettes and even small apartments. However, this may not always be the best choice for your family. For one thing, hotels come at premium rates, including amenities and services you’re not even likely to use — and even extended stay hotels can get costly over time. Plus, if your renovations go over time or over budget, it doesn’t take long to deplete any savings you’ve accumulated over time.

Airbnb? Maybe…

These days, online platforms like Airbnb are providing a popular alternative to expensive hotels by allowing people to list extra rooms, apartments and even houses for rent. Here in the Atlanta area, it’s fairly easy to find a fully-furnished place large enough for a family, usually for less than the cost of a comparable hotel suite. While this option has its advantages, there are ongoing questions about quality control as some people find their apartments aren’t as advertised, or their hosts don’t take good care of them. Airbnb is taking steps to reduce these risks, but it still may take a little bit of vetting to find the right room.

Corporate Short-Term Housing

Here’s a third option that many people overlook or are unaware of: work with a corporate housing agency to procure short-term housing. This type of service is frequently used by companies or employees staying on business, but it actually works quite well for families in transition, as well. (In fact, some people stay in short-term corporate housing during relocation while looking for a permanent place to live.) A corporate lodging agency arranges for you and your family to stay in a fully-furnished apartment in the Atlanta area, usually with full access to the amenities of that complex, for a fraction of what a hotel usually costs. This options basically gets you the comforts of home for however long you need it, without breaking the bank.

If you’re in the midst of an Atlanta home renovation and need an option for short-term housing, TP Corporate Lodging is here to help. To learn more about availability and rates, give us a call at 800.428.9997.