U.S. and Allied Militaries Turn to TP Corporate Lodging During Training

Jacksonville Military Home Rental

U.S. sailors in Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida.

When men and women in the military service are in the midst of physically demanding training or a high-pressure assignment, dealing with the stress and details of a temporary move should be the last thing on their mind. And because military personnel and other government employees face certain rules and regulations regarding their accommodations, it’s important to choose a trustworthy housing partner that knows the ins and outs of these requirements. That’s where TP Corporate Lodging comes in.

Our expert housing team is proud to support the U.S. and Allied military forces with top-notch temporary housing for personnel who are undergoing training in Jacksonville, Florida.

As a major deep-water port, the city of Jacksonville contains multiple military facilities and bases. For military personnel that need to be located close to one of these facilities, TP Corporate Lodging offers many options that are just minutes away. Read about just a few of the premier Jacksonville housing complexes with which we partner. Best of all, every single one of our housing units is fully furnished and customized to meet the unique needs of governmental and military clients.

Why settle for a hotel room when you can have a home?

TP Corporate Lodging doesn’t only serve U.S. and Allied military personnel — our team also provides solutions for businesses and individuals looking for comfortable furnished corporate housing options in both Jacksonville and Atlanta.

Why is corporate lodging a better choice for business travelers than traditional hotels or an Airbnb? In addition to being an overall more affordable choice, the home-like feel of corporate housing will make tenants happier and more productive. Happy employees mean happy companies!

To learn more about our corporate lodging options for U.S. and Allied military personnel, don’t hesitate to reach out to TP Corporate Lodging by calling 800.428.9997.