How to Find Corporate Housing Rentals in Atlanta

Your travel plans are bringing you to Atlanta for a few weeks (or even a few months). You’ve heard that corporate housing is a comfortable and more affordable alternative to a motel or hotel room, even an extended stay hotel, and you’ve decided to give it a try. The challenge is that corporate lodging units aren’t always found on typical travel sites like Expedia or So how does a corporate traveler go about finding furnished rentals in Atlanta? Where do you look for them? Let’s explore some of the more common places to find these short-term housing solutions.

Find Temporary Housing Through a Local Atlanta Corporate Housing Agency

One of your best resources for finding corporate housing rentals in Atlanta is to work with a localized agency like TP Corporate Lodging. The advantage of working with someone locally is that the agency will have deeper knowledge of the area and will be better able to recommend an apartment convenient to where you will be working during the day. Also, because a local agency can negotiate directly with luxury apartment communities in the area, they may have access to much better housing options that don’t appear on the national platforms.

Furnished Apartment & Short-Term Rental Platforms

In recent years, online sites like AirBnb and HomeAway have really gained steam as platforms where people can find and rent furnished housing in almost every city in the world. You may also find some corporate housing options on sites like these. However, the primary caveat is that many of these available units are individually owned and managed by private “hosts,” and there’s only so much these sites can do with regard to quality control. To improve your chances of finding a reliable corporate housing agency on AirBnb, for example, be sure to look for the AirBnb “Plus” symbol on listings, or go specifically to AirBnb’s corporate housing section.

Check Corporate Housing Websites

If you want to limit your Internet search more toward corporate housing specifically, a growing number of website platforms now offer listings for corporate housing rentals across the United States. Websites like and can be an excellent resource for renters looking for corporate housing providers, especially if your travels will take you to multiple locations. The primary disadvantage is that sites like these won’t always have localized information on things like the best neighborhoods, fastest commuter routes, etc. You might find comfortable accommodations, but your location may be inconvenient at best.

Book a Corporate Housing Rental in Atlanta

TP Corporate Lodging specializes in providing affordable short-term corporate apartments for business travelers in some of the finest furnished rental apartment complexes in Atlanta. To check out availability for your Atlanta home-away-from-home, call us today for a corporate rental quote at 800.428.9997.