What Is Corporate Housing?

When you travel to another city for an extended stay, whether for business or pleasure, you have a number of options with regard to lodging. Many people look at extended stay hotels by default, and a growing number have begun looking to hosting platforms like AirBnb for short-term rentals. However, since both of these options can get quite expensive for extended stays, corporate housing has emerged as a more comfortable and affordable alternative for extended travel stays. But what, exactly, is corporate housing, and when might a corporate apartment be a good fit for your needs?

Corporate Housing Defined

The most basic definition of corporate housing is a fully furnished and decorated residence (usually an apartment) that is intended for temporary stays. Unlike a hotel room or suite, corporate housing is a furnished apartment equipped with all the essentials of home that a renter might need: living and dining space, a full kitchen with housewares, bathroom(s), usually 1-3 bedrooms, high-speed WiFi, and plenty of square footage to stretch out after a long day. These multi-bedroom apartments are typically managed, maintained and rented out by a dedicated corporate housing agency (like TP Corporate Lodging), but because they are found in existing apartment communities across the area, guests can frequently avail themselves of the amenities offered by that community (e.g., swimming pool, fitness center, outdoor space, and even concierge services in some communities).

Corporate Housing is Specifically Intended for Extended Stays

Unlike hotels, which are primarily intended as short-term accommodations, corporate housing is intended to function as a “home-away-from home.” For that reason, most agencies will only rent their units for extended stays. You can typically rent a unit for as little as two weeks, or as long as several months. Beyond that, you’re only responsible to bring your luggage and supply your own groceries; the apartment comes with everything you need to live comfortably for an extended period of time. Perhaps even more importantly — the cost per month is considerably less than a hotel stay for an equivalent length of time.

Who Can Stay in Corporate Housing?

As the term suggests, corporate housing was originally intended to accommodate business travelers who need a furnished apartment or house to stay for longer than a few days (for example, during a specific assignment or as temporary housing during relocation). However, corporate lodging isn’t just for business travelers these days; in fact, almost anyone planning to stay in town for 2 weeks or longer can enjoy the advantages of corporate housing. Some examples:

  • Relocating individuals and families (i.e., those who need temporary lodging while seeking a permanent residence)
  • Professionals coming to town for project-based work (e.g., film industry workers or military personnel)
  • Families needing lodging while a loved one undergoes medical treatment
  • Households temporarily displaced by disasters (insurance companies often utilize corporate housing for this purpose)
  • Corporations needing to house a group of people in town for training or other projects
  • Vacationers who want a comfortable home base for an extended short-term stay
  • Almost anyone else who needs to stay in town for a few weeks but wants to avoid expensive hotels.

Need Temporary Housing? Try Our Corporate Apartments

If your travels bring you to Atlanta, Georgia or Jacksonville, Florida for an extended temporary basis, TP Corporate Lodging is here to help with your housing options. We are a corporate housing provider that offers comfortable furnished apartments in luxury communities with ample amenities. Give us a call at 800.428.9997 for current availability.