3 Temporary Housing Tips for Military Trainees

When a group of military personnel or allied forces come into town for military training exercises, finding appropriate temporary housing for everyone can be a challenge. Nowhere is this more applicable than in Jacksonville, Florida, which is home to multiple military bases where people come for training on a regular basis. Accommodations for military personnel are subject to certain rules and regulations, and for whatever reason, sometimes on-base accommodations just aren’t available. If you need to find temporary housing for military training, here are a few tips to help.

1. Focus on Proximity

For off-base military housing, it’s important to choose lodging that is as close to base as possible, or at least offers easy access to public transportation. Shifting traffic patterns can make it challenging for trainees to be on time, and the further from base they are, the more variables can be thrown in their way. If you’re shuttling trainees, arrange housing near a central pickup point near base. Otherwise, make sure your trainees have a clear path of access via public transportation.

2. Ask Nearby Hotels About Military Accommodations

Some local hotels understand military regulations regarding housing, and they are used to accommodating soldiers in town for temporary assignments. Sometimes, a hotel can also make adjustments to accommodate a larger contingency of military personnel. Identify hotels in the vicinity of base who may be structured to accommodate military needs. Some will have set policies for accommodating your trainees, while others may be able to make arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

3. A Better Alternative: Temporary Corporate Lodging

Yet another option — and one that may actually be better suited to the needs of military personnel — is to work with a local corporate housing agency like TP Corporate Lodging to arrange temporary housing. This type of agency can work well within the confines of military regulations and proximity needs to arrange housing in fully-furnished apartments in a variety of complexes near base. This option gives your trainees a more comfortable living situation and makes it much easier for you to arrange transportation to and from base as necessary. (The cost of corporate lodging is also much more competitive than many hotels.)

TP Corporate Lodging is proud to accommodate the specific needs of the U.S. military and their allies in providing temporary housing, both in Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta, GA. To learn more about available accommodations and to discuss your needs, give us a call at 800.428.9997.

Where to Stay After a Storm Damages Your Home

Severe weather can happen any time of year, but during the turbulent spring months, we’re frequently reminded of how much damage Mother Nature can do to our homes in just a few minutes. If floods, lightning, winds or hail displace you from your home, where can you stay comfortable while repairs are being made? Let’s explore your options on where to stay after your home is damaged by a storm.

Friends or Family

It’s not unusual for displaced families to stay with relatives or friends while their home is being repaired. While this is one of the most economical options, it’s not necessarily the best one. It’s challenging to maintain your own lifestyle when you’re under someone else’s roof. Living in guest quarters for extended amounts of time can make you claustrophobic and cause strained relationships with your hosts. Some people don’t even have the option of staying with friends or relatives, but if you do have that opportunity, weigh your options carefully. It may be months before you can move home again, and the money you save may not be worth the tax on the relationship.

Extended Stay Hotels/Airbnb

One option that gives you a bit more independence is to stay in a hotel during repairs. Many extended stay properties offer suites with seating areas, plus kitchenettes or full kitchens. A similar option might be to rent a furnished vacation home or apartment through a platform like Airbnb. The cost of your stay might even be fully or partly covered under your homeowner’s insurance, depending on your policy. The drawback with hotels is that even extended stay suites can feel claustrophobic over time, and not all Airbnb properties are geared for long-term stays. Also, these options are expensive, so if your stay is not covered, it doesn’t take long before it can start depleting your savings.

Corporate Housing

A third option, and one that can work quite well during home repairs, is to work with a corporate housing agency for extended stay lodging. With this option, you can stay in a fully-furnished apartment with all the comforts of home, along with any amenities offered by the complex. Corporate housing is the closest thing most people find to a “home away from home,” and for that reason, it works well in situations where you might be waiting months for your home to be livable again. Additionally, it comes at a fraction of the cost of most hotels.

If your home has been damaged in a storm and you need temporary lodging in Atlanta, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida, TP Corporate Lodging can help. Give us a call at 800.428.9997.

How to Find Temporary Film Production Lodging

In recent years, Atlanta’s booming film industry has begun rivaling Hollywood as a hub for film production. With this boom has also come an increased demand for short-term production housing and corporate lodging. However, as part of the “growing pains” of a burgeoning industry, the challenge of finding temporary housing for production teams isn’t always cut-and-dried. What if your film budget doesn’t allow for enough hotel rooms? What if there aren’t enough rooms available during a shoot? What about commutes — how do you keep your team close enough to the set to arrive on time while avoiding heavy traffic arteries? How do you keep your team comfortable during film shoots that last for several months? To help you navigate these uncertain waters, we’ve put together a quick guide to temporary film production lodging in Atlanta.

Overview of Housing Options

If you’re trying to find enough housing for your Atlanta film cast and crew, there are generally three approaches you can take:

  • Booking hotel rooms — This is the most expensive option, and probably the least comfortable for extended stays. However, it may be your most logical choice for shorter film shoots that require easy booking and stays for a week or less.
  • Using an online rental platform (e.g., Airbnb) — Using this option, you can often find fully furnished homes and apartments, sometimes available for extended stays. While this option can be cheaper or at least comparable to hotel stays, it can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the right fit for an entire crew of people — and many production teams don’t have the time to figure out all those details.
  • Booking short-term corporate housing using a local agency — This option enables you to book fully furnished apartments versus a hotel room, usually for a fraction of the cost. Corporate housing can be especially convenient and economical for shoots lasting longer than a month.

The option you choose will depend on a number of factors, including your budget, length of shoot, size of your crew and how much time your staff has to make travel arrangements for all of them. For more on choosing the best option, check out this guide to short-term rentals for Atlanta film professionals.

Logistical Concerns

Another angle to consider when making housing arrangements for a film crew is how to coordinate everyone and everything logistically. For example:

  • How do you arrange lodging that is either close to the set or along a convenient travel route?
  • What are your budgetary restrictions?
  • What about availability of housing? If you’re bringing in a large team for an extended length of time, how do you ensure there are enough available rooms for the entire shoot?
  • What about doubling/tripling up? Are there certain crew members who could bunk together as roommates? Are there any who can’t be put in the same lodging?

If all of these details seem overwhelming, you’re not alone. Many film projects struggle with working out all these details when their time and money would be better spent actually shooting the film! For more guidance on these issues, check out these tips for choosing film crew housing.

Working with a Corporate Housing Partner

Among the film production housing options in Atlanta, corporate housing proves to be a viable option for many film shoots, especially those lasting for more than a few weeks. By working with a corporate production housing partner like TP Corporate Lodging, you can streamline a lot of the logistical details because the housing partner makes those arrangements on your behalf. A local housing partner can arrange for comfortable, convenient lodging for even larger production teams — for months at a time, if necessary — saving you not only money but time and headaches, as well.

If you need to arrange temporary lodging for your film crew in Atlanta, TP Corporate Lodging can make this challenge much easier and cost-effective. Give us a call at 800.428.9997 to learn more.

5 Tips for Coordinating Extended Business Travel

No matter how you slice it, planning a long business trip can be challenging. If you’re coordinating extended business travel for yourself, one of your employees, or an entire company, there are plenty of logistics to think about, including lodging, costs, safety concerns, health, etc. To make the task easier on you, here are 5 helpful tips for planning an extended business trip for yourself or your staff.

Make Travel Plans as Early as Possible

Sometimes, last-minute trips are unavoidable —but the sooner you can make travel arrangements for an upcoming trip, the better. You’re more likely to get better rates on airfare and lodging by booking early, and you may also be able to redeem travel rewards to save even more.

Pack Accordingly

Determining how to pack for an extended stay can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a business trip, largely because there’s a fine line between under-packing and over-packing. Using luggage with extra compartments can help conserve space, as can rolling clothes instead of folding them. Your packing should include the following basics:

  • Your work materials
  • Electronics and chargers (e.g., laptops, tablets, phones)
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes for a range of temperatures
  • Casual clothing along with business attire (you won’t be in meetings the entire time, after all)

Allow for Down Time in Your Schedule

Longer trips require a bit of pacing to keep yourself or your employees healthy and to prevent exhaustion. Try not to “hit the ground running”; instead, allow a day of downtime between travel days and work days to take a breath and regroup. While on the trip, be careful to allow enough space between appointments, and if the trip lasts more than a week, be sure to schedule days off.

Track Expenses

If things get hectic during a business trip, it can be easy to lose track of expenses. Try to adopt some sort of system to help you and your team keep track — not only to stay on budget, but to make sure you’re able to claim eligible deductions later.

Work with a Corporate Lodging Provider

For extended stays, short-term corporate housing is a safer, more affordable alternative to expensive hotels — plus working with a corporate lodging provider makes the entire process of coordinating extended business travel much easier because the lodging details are handled by a professional.

If you’re trying to coordinate a business trip to Atlanta or Jacksonville, TP Corporate Lodging can arrange for you and your team to stay in fully-furnished, comfortable apartments for less than the cost of a hotel. Give us a call at 800.428.9997 to learn more.

Why Choose Corporate Lodging?

When you travel on business for an extended stay, or if you need temporary housing during a relocation, you have a number of Corporate Lodging options available — for example, extended stay hotels or Airbnb. However, many relocation experts recommend corporate lodging as a safer, more affordable alternative for extended stays.

Why choose corporate lodging? Working with a certified corporate housing provider enables you to rent a clean, comfortable furnished apartment with the comforts of home, giving you greater peace of mind whatever your reason for traveling. Let’s explore some of the reasons why you might want to choose corporate lodging over other temporary housing options.

Corporate Lodging Is More Affordable than Hotels

The cost of a hotel stay can add up quickly, even in extended stay properties, generally because you’re paying for extra conveniences and amenities you don’t need and will probably never use. Corporate housing is much more affordable, in part because you’re not paying for those amenities. For less than the cost of a small hotel room, the corporate lodging option provides you with an actual furnished apartment with fully equipped kitchen and the comforts of home. (Plus, you often benefit from the additional amenities of the apartment community where you’re staying.)

Corporate Lodging Is Safer than Hotels

Even with added security measures, thieves like to frequent hotels looking for careless travelers to prey upon — not to mention hotel staff can access your room whenever they wish. In addition, with different people staying in the rooms every night, sanitation is an ongoing challenge. Corporate lodging is typically safer in these regards because your apartment is clean, private and affords limited access — plus, predators aren’t looking for you there.

A Better Option for Travelers with Pets

If you bring a pet on an extended stay, you have a number of additional challenges. Many hotels are not pet-friendly, and those that are may charge extra for the privilege — not to mention the risk of flea or tick infestations from pets who have been in the room before you. A kennel typically isn’t a good option, either, because many pets become ill or deal with separation anxiety when left in a kennel for long periods of time. Corporate lodging provides an ideal alternative for pet owners because your pet gets to stay with you in a homelike environment, following a similar routine to what they do when you are home.

Greater Benefits for Companies

If you are a business providing temporary housing for one or more of your employees, working with a corporate housing partner offers a wide range of advantages over booking multiple hotel rooms. Not only do your employees benefit from more comfortable lodging, but your task becomes much less stressful when you have a local agent handling the details for you. In addition, you may also enjoy some added tax benefits by working with a corporate lodging provider.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider corporate lodging over hotels for extended stays. If you need short-term housing in Atlanta or Jacksonville, we can help. Call TP Corporate Lodging today at 800.428.9997.

Tips for Choosing Corporate Lodging

For extended business trips, company transfers, transitional housing or temporary housing during a home renovation, choosing a furnished short-term corporate rental is often a more comfortable and affordable option than staying in a hotel. Corporate lodging offers all the comforts of a “home away from home” so you can relax during down times and stay healthy during extended business trips or other times of transition.

That being said, not all short-term housing options are created equal. Some corporate housing firms operate with terms you may be uncomfortable with; others may nickel-and-dime you with hidden costs or simply don’t offer the types of furnishings you need. To ensure the best possible experience and the best value for the money, we offer the following tips for choosing corporate lodging.

Make Preparations in Advance

With any temporary extended stay, there are a number of logistical things you must consider (for example, knowing what to pack, forwarding mail, etc.). The following list of 8 things to do before moving into temporary housing should help you stay on track.

Know Which Questions to Ask

What furniture is included in your apartment? Is there any additional security deposit? Which utilities are included in the rent? Are vacuums, kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies included? Can I request certain furniture pieces? Are there any hidden costs? When talking with any corporate lodging agency, you need to ask these and other questions to make sure there are no unexpected surprises. We’ve put together a checklist of questions that should help.

If Using Airbnb, Look for Certified Corporate Lodging

Airbnb can be a great resource for finding furnished homes and apartments for cheaper rates than a hotel, but not every host on that platform operates up to Airbnb’s exacting standards. For the most consistent experience, make sure the host you choose is a certified corporate lodging agent. This article explains how in further detail.

Work with a Local Company

For best results, try to work with a corporate lodging agent with specific experience in the city you’re traveling to. For example, if you’re looking for a good corporate apartment in Atlanta, a local agent will have the inside scoop on travel times, traffic patterns and the best corporate housing options in Atlanta. Likewise, if you’re traveling to Jacksonville, Florida, a localized agency will have the best info on top corporate housing in Jacksonville.

Whether your extended stay is for business or pleasure, following these tips should help you find the right furnished temporary housing for your needs. If you’re looking for the best corporate lodging options in Atlanta or in Jacksonville, TP Corporate Lodging can help. Give us a call today at 800.428.9997.

5 Questions to Ask Before Moving into Corporate Lodging

If your business or company sends you to another city for an extended stay, temporary corporate housing provides an excellent alternative to expensive and constraining hotel stays. Corporate lodging typically provides a fully furnished apartment rather than a single room or suite, with a fully equipped kitchen and other extras. However, these lodgings naturally work a bit differently than hotels or shared housing platforms like Airbnb. To help you find your bearings and know what to expect, here are 5 important questions to ask before moving into any corporate apartment.

1. What amenities and benefits are included in the price?

With temporary corporate housing, you’re moving into an actual apartment or residence, not a hotel room. As a result, you may be trading some advantages for a few luxury amenities provided by hotels that you probably won’t use, anyway. That said, every housing agency operates a little differently, so don’t assume a certain amenity is included — always ask for a list. If the unit is in an established apartment complex, chances are you’ll be able to access most of the amenities that complex provides (for example, a fitness center, pool or community area), but check with your management company first. If you need something that isn’t included, your agency may be able to arrange it for you.

2. Who pays for utilities?

If you’re going to be staying on a while, especially, make sure you have this information up front. Some corporate rental agencies include the cost of utilities in the cost of the rent, but some may not. Best to know up front to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

3. Is housekeeping included?

Again, you’re staying in an apartment, not an actual hotel with housekeepers. In many cases, housekeeping service is a benefit that is traded off in exchange for a larger, more comfortable living space, as well as to keep your costs down. If housekeeping is not included in the price and you need that service, ask your corporate lodging agent if housekeeping can be arranged.

4. Is the unit pet-friendly?

This is a very important question to ask if you’re bringing a dog or cat with you. Some units are pet-friendly, but if you bring a pet into a unit that is not, and that pet causes damage, you may be responsible for extra expenses. Ask in advance; a good agency can usually accommodate this need with pet-friendly lodging.

5. Whom do I call with a problem or maintenance issue?

Let’s face it — things happen. A toilet backs up, a dishwasher breaks. Since you’re effectively renting from a housing company rather than the apartment manager, you need to know up front who to call if something goes wrong. Sometimes the agency will have you contact the residential management office; other times they’ll ask you to call them directly. Make sure you know who to call to get your problem resolved — and make sure you’re also provided with an after-hours phone number for emergencies.

At TP Corporate Lodging, we go the extra mile to make sure your home-away-from-home meets all your needs, and we make sure you know what’s included and who to call if you run into trouble. To learn more about our available corporate housing in Atlanta and Jacksonville, call us today at 800.428.9997.

Where to Find Luxury Furnished Rentals in Atlanta

If you’re coming to Atlanta, Georgia for an extended stay—whether for work, pleasure, health issues, family issues, etc. — finding a decent place to stay can certainly be a challenge. Hotels can get very expensive, and most apartments are unfurnished and want you to sign a lease of at least 6 months. You need something worry-free, preferably something with some amenities — but where do you look? How do you find luxury furnished rentals in Atlanta? Let’s explore a few options.


In recent years, Craigslist has become a go-to site for anyone looking for just about anything at a decent price — including short-term and furnished rental property. Craigslist has virtually replaced the classifieds. The caution is that Craigslist is largely unpoliced, and a lot of scam artists use it to prey on the unsuspecting. It’s not uncommon to put down a deposit on an apartment that is already occupied by someone, only to have the “landlord” suddenly disappear. You need to vet every lead carefully if you go this route.


Airbnb has become one of the world’s most popular platforms for finding short-term housing, and it’s definitely possible to find a great place to stay using this platform. However, again, you’re often dealing with individuals renting out their spaces, and quality control is an ongoing issue. Also, if you’re not careful, you could end up spending nearly hotel rates on a so-called “luxury” space.

Rental Management Companies/Real Estate Agents

People coming in from out of town often try a more conventional route in finding furnished rental units — approaching a management company or even a local real estate agent. Occasionally you can find something to suit your needs through either of these channels, but it’s akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. Management companies sometimes have furnished rentals, but most of them deal with unfurnished units and require a lease — and real estate agents almost exclusively deal with units for sale. Don’t be surprised if you come up empty-handed.

Corporate Housing Company

In most cases, one of the best solutions for finding a good luxury furnished rental in Atlanta is to work with a local corporate housing agency — a company that actually specializes in short-term housing solutions. A good agency can offer a selection of fully-furnished apartments in luxury complexes offering a full array of amenities — for a fraction of the cost of a hotel stay. These units are the closest thing you can get to having a “home away from home,” and the process is simple and painless.

If you need to find a comfortable furnished rental for an extended stay in Atlanta, we are here to help! Call TP Corporate Lodging today 800.428.9997.

How Temporary Housing Works for Insurance Claims

It’s a situation none of us wants to think about, but occasionally homes do get destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by fire or natural disaster. If it happens to you, it can feel like the end of the world. Even if no one was hurt, you’re facing the potential loss of many belongings, possibly of sentimental value — not to mention the question of finding temporary housing for your family and yourself while you figure out what comes next.

The good news is that if you carry a good homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, there is probably a provision in there that allocates funds for temporary housing in the event of fire or natural disaster. You’ll usually find this provision under a “loss of use” coverage clause or even “additional expenses.” (If your current policy doesn’t provide this coverage, we highly recommend getting one that does.) By default, many insurance companies (and homeowners) assume that “temporary housing” means putting your family up in a hotel while repairs are made to your home. But this poses another set of problems: What happens if you can’t move back home for months? Is your family supposed to stay in a cramped hotel all that time? And since hotels are expensive, what if the hotel costs are more than your coverage allows, whether as a daily rate or a total amount?

A Better Solution

This dilemma can be solved by another, better option: Obtain temporary housing through a corporate housing agency. Instead of defaulting to a hotel, you and your family can stay in a fully furnished luxury apartment. This option gives your family plenty of space and all the comforts of home — not to mention any additional amenities offered by the apartment complex — and your insurance company will love it because it usually costs significantly less than a hotel stay.

How Insurance Works with Temporary Corporate Housing

In most cases, your insurance covers corporate housing in much the same way the policy would handle a hotel stay. This typically happens in one of three ways:

  • Your insurance company handles the arrangements with the housing provider directly. This option is the easiest because you just get to move in without worrying about up-front costs. If your policy works this way, you may need to advise the insurance company of your wish to stay in corporate housing so they don’t put you in a hotel by default.
  • You file a claim and the insurance company reimburses you. This option requires you to pay upfront for your housing, but you get it back eventually.
  • You obtain an advance payment from the insurance company. If your insurance provider wants to reimburse your claim, you may be able to get them to advance you part of the money up front. This option provides a suitable compromise if you don’t have the money to pay out of pocket initially.

Other Important Tips

A couple of other things you need to be aware of when looking at temporary housing after a disaster:

  • Corporate housing may not be covered in the event of flood. Most homeowner’s and renter’s policies don’t cover floods. If you live in a flood-prone area, you may be required to carry separate flood insurance FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), but this provision also doesn’t cover additional living expenses like temporary housing. If you’ve been displaced by flood, contact FEMA to find out your best options.
  • Read the fine print of your policy — before disaster strikes. Don’t assume your housing is covered in the event of a disaster; make sure of it. Find out how much money your policy allows for additional living expenses or loss of use, and find out whether the insurance company prefers to handle the arrangements or reimburse you. That way, you’ll be prepared for what happens with fewer surprises in the event of a disaster.

In Atlanta or Jacksonville, TP Corporate Lodging will work with your insurance company to get your family into a comfortable, fully-furnished temporary apartment in the event of fire or natural disaster. To learn more, call us today at 800.428.9997.

Short-Term Furnished Housing for Atlanta Renovations

Atlanta is a city full of life and texture, including many new and historic homes. Sometimes a renovation or remodeling project can make your home unlivable or highly inconvenient for extended lengths of time. At other times, if you’re building a home, the construction timeline may be delayed due to weather, supply shortages or any of a number of other factors. These temporary inconveniences will be worth it in the end, but what do you do when your living situation is in transition? Let’s explore a few options for short-term furnished housing for Atlanta renovations.

Why Hotels Aren’t Always the Best Idea

By default, many families choose to book rooms in a nearby hotel while their home is going through renovations. Some hotels are indeed geared for extended stays, offering larger suites, kitchenettes and even small apartments. However, this may not always be the best choice for your family. For one thing, hotels come at premium rates, including amenities and services you’re not even likely to use — and even extended stay hotels can get costly over time. Plus, if your renovations go over time or over budget, it doesn’t take long to deplete any savings you’ve accumulated over time.

Airbnb? Maybe…

These days, online platforms like Airbnb are providing a popular alternative to expensive hotels by allowing people to list extra rooms, apartments and even houses for rent. Here in the Atlanta area, it’s fairly easy to find a fully-furnished place large enough for a family, usually for less than the cost of a comparable hotel suite. While this option has its advantages, there are ongoing questions about quality control as some people find their apartments aren’t as advertised, or their hosts don’t take good care of them. Airbnb is taking steps to reduce these risks, but it still may take a little bit of vetting to find the right room.

Corporate Short-Term Housing

Here’s a third option that many people overlook or are unaware of: work with a corporate housing agency to procure short-term housing. This type of service is frequently used by companies or employees staying on business, but it actually works quite well for families in transition, as well. (In fact, some people stay in short-term corporate housing during relocation while looking for a permanent place to live.) A corporate lodging agency arranges for you and your family to stay in a fully-furnished apartment in the Atlanta area, usually with full access to the amenities of that complex, for a fraction of what a hotel usually costs. This options basically gets you the comforts of home for however long you need it, without breaking the bank.

If you’re in the midst of an Atlanta home renovation and need an option for short-term housing, TP Corporate Lodging is here to help. To learn more about availability and rates, give us a call at 800.428.9997.